Ride Technics supports junior riders through the 2Wheel Academy

MTB team jersey

Ride Technics is excited to be a part of 2Wheel Academy because we believe a program like this plays a critical role in the development of young riders in Australia. Ride Technics is happy to be involved in assisting with focussed skills coaching that will help develop riders’ techniques, which is an essential part of mountain biking.

About the Academy

The 2Wheel Academy was developed to do what they believe sport does best – create a competitive learning environment where kids can learn the behaviours of success. They believe riding a bike is not just great exercise, it can also be a great way to learn the keys to a happy and successful life. So the aim of the Academy is to help kids learn the 4 keys to success. And Ride Technics fully support that approach!

To find out more visit: www.2wheelacademy.com.au