What we teach

What we will teach you during the skills sessions at rideCAMP

Our aim is to help you improve the following aspects of your riding:
  • Improved bike handling skills various trails and features.
  • Maintaining flow and speed on the bike.
  • Smoothness and efficiency over all terrain.
  • Building your confidence for trail riding or even racing.
To achieve those aims, we work on these specific elements of mountain biking:
  • Negotiating all types of technical terrain.
  • Riding fast, but safely and smoothly uphill and downhill.
  • Cornering at speed (these are the most popular sessions).
  • Riding smoothly and flowing over rocks, roots, bumps, jumps, drop-offs and other obstacles.
  • Using the trails and its obstacles rather than being hindered by them.
  • Advanced braking techniques.
  • Efficient and effective pedalling over all terrain types.
  • Body positioning and ‘working the bike’ to get more out of your body and bike.
  • Line choice ‘on the fly’ to get more out of the trail.
  • Bike and equipment set up for safety, comfort and performance.
  • Bike tuning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Suspension tuning and advice.