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For sure. We can cater for various situations, including interstate and overseas travellers, who often merge sessions to extend the coaching time. Or shortening sessions for riders who want to keep it short and sweet. Costs are adjusted accordingly. Just contact us and let us know what works for you.
Absolutely. Our programs are designed to improve anybody's skill, regardless of ability and experience. If you have a group that consists of riders of varying abilities we have methods of ensuring everyone gets the most out of each session. And our one on one sessions are always tailored to the individual.
It's all about matching up a rider's needs and personality with our coaches' teaching styles and strengths. After we determine your situation and specific goals we can advise you on who suits you best. Or you just tell us who you prefer. Of course we'll all ensure you improve your riding as much as possible!
Follow the prompts to book a single session, add that to cart, then repeat the process for extra sessions. You'll be able to choose a day, time and location that suits you for each session. Once you have those set, you can check out to lock it in.
Of course rate of improvement varies for different people, but we generally find in three private sessions we can cover most key skills needed for controlled riding with flow. Beyond that, obviously the more sessions you do the better you'll get.

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