Our Guarantee

Putting our money where our mouth is

This isn’t about what’s cheaper, it’s about what you get for your hard-earned money. We use proven methods – formulated over decades of riding, competing and coaching – by qualified and experienced mountain biking specialists. Those methods are utilised by our coaches, presented within a solid framework, ensuring high standards are consistently maintained. If you don’t see the benefits of our coaching within two months of doing a session and program with us you’ll get your money back.

Why are other instructors cheaper?

Because you get what you pay for. No other provider in Australia offers the same overall capability or level of coaching experience and attention to detail.

How do I know whether I’ll improve?

Try us out and you’ll see how much you can improve. We guarantee you’ll make gains, even from one session. Of course the harder you work the more you’ll improve, but we’re confident that even the base improvement you’ll get will leave you satisfied.