What We Teach

What sorts of things do we go through in our skills coaching sessions?

Our aim is to help you improve the following aspects of your riding:

  • Improved bike handling skills over all terrain.
  • Maintaining flow and speed on the bike.
  • Smoothness and efficiency over all terrain.
  • Building your confidence for riding and racing.
  • Maximising performance in all race disciplines.

To achieve those aims, we work on these specific elements of mountain biking:

  • Bike and equipment set up for safety, comfort and performance.
  • Bike maintenance and repairs on the trail.
  • Negotiating all types of technical terrain.
  • Riding fast, but safely and smoothly uphill and downhill.
  • Cornering at speed (these are the most popular sessions).
  • Riding smoothly and flowing over rocks, roots, bumps, jumps, drop-offs and other obstacles.
  • Using the trails and its obstacles rather than being hindered by them.
  • Advanced braking techniques.
  • Efficient and effective pedaling over all terrain types.
  • Body positioning and ‘working the bike’ to get more out of your body and bike.
  • Line choice ‘on the fly’ to get more out of the trail.
  • Race planning, preparation, strategy and execution.


Get in touch any time to discuss your goals and we can help you choose the right session plan for you. We tailor sessions to your needs and abilities so you achieve the best outcome in the shortest time.

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