Private skills lessons in Canberra

From: $195.00 INCL GST

This is a jam-packed 90 minute mountain bike skills lesson for riders at any level who simply want to fast-track their improvement in bike handling. The result will be increased control, safety, fun, and flow.

You can do this as a 1:1 session (for the biggest gains), a pairs session (for cheaper rates) or as a group of up to 8 riders (to make it more social as well as cheaper).

If you’re really wanting to improve in a short time frame, check out our video analysis and an ongoing skills program add-on, which help accelerate the improvements most riders seek.

*To book multiple session in one order, just follow the same process for each session you'd like to book, adding each one to your cart, before checking out.

Video analysis servers as a powerful tool for the coach and rider in pin-pointing issues and looking for ways to improve technique. We’ll capture and analyse your skills session videos and send you a tailored skills program, which will act as your ongoing ‘homework’. This is where the results come, for those who are motivated and dedicated. All of the video footage captured in your session can help to accelerate the improvements you make in your riding.

  • Video analysis and rider report – a powerful tool in analysing your riding and working out the best way to improve.
  • Ongoing tailored skills program – this is where improvement really gets a boost. Includes ongoing support.

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