Riding in mud and sand

Riding mud and sand

Like many obstacles, riding through sand well is mostly about high entry speed and well-timed body shifts. Apart from being light on the bike, it’s critical to keep movements subtle but constant while maintaining momentum. Here are some tips to make sand riding easier.

  1. Approach with confidence and speed.
  2. Shift weight forward just before hitting obstacle.
  3. Throw your bike forward under you as if you’re throwing it at the obstacle (manual).
  4. Keep the front wheel floating in front of you, with more of your weight on the back wheel.
  5. Start pedalling as soon as you can after throwing your bike forward, so not to get bogged down.
  6. Pedal in smooth circles in a solid gear (not too easy, not too hard) to keep driving the bike without pauses and without letting the pedal strokes throw you around.
  7. Keep your shoulders square, but relax your upper body, pedalling from the hips to keep the bike driving constantly but keeping your weight off the front wheel.
  8. Look well ahead for firm patches of sand and lean your body to manoeuvre the bike rather than turning the bars.