rideTRAINING group ride #1 – a fun day out on Canberra trails

Our rideTRAINING group rides have kicked off and the first edition was a big success. A select group of rideTECHNICS ‘graduates’ hit up some of the best local Canberra trails on a 40km loop on a fine autumn day. Perfect conditions, a great group of people and a great start to the series of rides that are aimed at getting us out regularly in a social setting, challenging our skills and fitness, while also getting scoping out new and fun trails around the place. And Canberra has so many amazing options!

Hopefully we’ll all be getting fit through the winter without noticing the hard work. Each ride will build up in intensity, distance and terrain difficultly. So slacking off won’t help!

Stay tuned for info on our other events – rideSOCIAL, rideGRAVITY and rideCAMP. It’s going to be a busy and active 2018.