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Junior MTB Skills Program – Canberra Spring School Holidays 2023 at Stromlo

Start date/time: September 28, 2023 at 9:00 am
End date/time: to September 29, 2023 at 12:00 pm AEST

Junior MTB

Kids MTB

Genuinely improving kids’ bike handling

This is a 2-day skills program specifically designed for children, with kids broken up into small groups according to ages and abilities to ensure their groups matches their needs. The focus will be on teaching young ones how to ride properly – safely and smoothly with full control – while having fun and making friends in the process. Building skills, confidence and enjoyment on the trails will be top priorities.

Carefully formulated

Our kids MTB skills programs are designed to get riders progressing through a series of key skills and trail types, with prerequisites to some of the more advanced skills we teach. Programs are broken up into a set of 3 hour sessions so the kids can retain the instruction we give them and so they’re not riding while exhausted and risking injury after a couple of hours. This also means parents who ride can go on their own ride during the sessions. Win-win!

*Please note this is a 2-day program, as each day is a prerequisite to the follow days. This is to ensure riders are assessed, bikes checked and fundamentals are learned before we build up gradually through to more advanced skills and trail features.

This is more than just babysitting on bikes. All of our head coaches are parents and all of our staff are qualified and highly experienced rider-coaches, with first aid training and WWCVP cards. We use refined and proven methods to teach safe and effective bike handling, so children can simply enjoy their riding regardless of ability and their specific riding discipline.

Further details

Once you’ve signed up we’ll email you further details on exactly what we’ll cover in each session of the program. As well as meeting locations, what to take along, what to expect, and more. 

  • Group sizes: 5:1 rider-coach/assistant ratio
  • Age range: 7-16 years (exceptions made based on experience and bike set up)