Camp Preparation


What should you bring to rideCAMP?

We recommend you bring the following to all your sessions during the camp:

  • A ‘proper’ mountain bike (any style) in good working order. Tyres and suspension pumped up to minimum recommended pressures.
  • Food and water to keep you going – at least half a litre of water per hour. A hydro pack is the safest option.
  • Australian Standards approved helmet.
  • Sunscreen and appropriate cycling clothing, including protective eye-wear and gloves. Full-finger gloves are recommended.
  • Spare tube, pump and multi-tool. We carry these, but it’s best to have extras.
  • Warm clothing if it’s cold. And a rain jacket if it looks like it might rain.

What if it rains?

We’ll keep you in the loop as to back-up plans if it looks like it might rain. We normally run sessions if it’s only raining lightly and it isn’t too cold.