What people are saying about their experiences with Ride Technics

Great coaches with a depth of real world riding and racing experience on display at each of the sessions – I was amazed at how much I learned and how good it was for my confidence. I now think about my riding & racing and I’m sure I’m now a better rider!
Mike / Page, ACT
The course has improved my riding in several areas, with the most beneficial being the knowledge and practical experience to confidently tackle technical sections which I previously would have either nervously approached or attempted to go around. I now approach these obstacles with confidence, and this has improved the overall riding experience for me.
Dan / Watson, ACT
Dylan and Ben provided a well structured, easy to understand course over the 5 sessions. Introduction and follow up emails around each session were first class and showed a very professional attitude towards helping the participants gain the most from the sessions. I personally gained a lot from the sessions – particularly around body positioning which has helped me become more competent over technical terrain and cornering.
Tom / Kambah, ACT
The skills course really helped solidify the fundamentals of my riding style. The back to basics style of the course has allowed me to gain more flow and confidence on the trail. Whether it be fast cornering or climbing and descending technical terrain I would recommend this program to any beginner or advanced rider wanting to break loose of a riding rut.
Luke / Evatt, ACT
Learning from the best mountain bikers in the region with practical advice and real demonstration is the only way to learn and improve.
Andrew / Yass, NSW
If you are looking to build your confidence on the trails then this is a great way to do it. A focused program developed and delivered by elite riders looking at essential components necessary to improve your mountain biking. And great fun. Guaranteed to get your friends wondering how you managed to get so far out in front!
Mark / Flynn, ACT
I learned skills on how to rider faster, particularly cornering and I now can finally I can whip around Luge like a demon. I even smoked my fast mate coming down Luge at the Scott 24hr. I’ve already recommended my mates to do this course, although I really shouldn’t want them to get faster!
Eren / Downer, ACT
Before the course I guessed there was much that I didn’t know and that turned out to be true. I’m now I’m faster downhill on my hard tail than I was on my dually before the course.
Steve / Cook, ACT
The course is advertised as being for all skill levels and Dylan delivers on that totally. I was by far the oldest and least fit rider and Dylan was able to balance keeping the fast boys occupied while having attention for me. I never felt that I was holding people back and Dylan tailored things to my level. I now feel able to tackle a wider range of terrain comfortably and to ride faster while still being in control. All in all the course has rekindled my enthusiasm for mountain biking and I will be riding a lot more this summer than I have in recent years. Thanks Dylan!
Todd / Chisholm, ACT
Dylan did a great job in teaching us a wide range of techniques, despite the wide range of experience we had in the group. The group size was good and had a wide range of people of different skills and abilities. I definitely learnt a lot.
Anton / Ainslie, ACT
I’m no longer guessing as to why I had a good ride or race… Through the Ride Technics program, I learnt why I occasionally ‘got it right’, and can now repeat it over sections, corner after corner, resulting in the shedding of my previous lap times. If you’re interested in being a better rider overall, this is the program for you, with bags of knowledge in each session.
Duane / Aranda, ACT