Do you have areas you'd like to fine tune? Or a certain race you'd like to target? Work on the specific skills-sets, plan your schedule, warm up, race strategy, and overall approach to maximise performance. These sessions can be one-on-one or group sessions.


What's included?

  • An intro assessment session, including base tips and techniques to kick any bad habits as soon as possible.
  • Based on your assessment, we formulate a skills program specifically for you, to target what you want to work on as well as what we recommend you can improve.
  • Bike and equipment set up checks and advice.
  • Wrap-up notes after each session, allowing us to cram as much as we can into each session without you having to remember everything.
  • Homework notes and drills outlines via email, so you can go away and work on your skills after each session, getting more bang for your buck.
  • Segment and course analysis, measuring your performance over specific terrain and set courses.
  • Video analysis and comparisons using various camera angles on ground, on board (GoPro) and aerial (drone) footage.
  • Ongoing unlimited access to our exclusive private content area and email list, with regular tips and bonus advice.
  • And if you have a fitness coach we can work with them to tie your fitness program in with your skills program to maximise the effectiveness of all aspects of your riding.
  • And your participation will be private and confidential, so other don't have to know that you're doing them unless you want them to.
  • Focused sessions based on your targeted races and season goals.
  • 'Shadow' training and practise on specific race tracks, targeting the demands of your goal races.

What's not included?

  • Sock height recommendations and other fashion advice.
  • Tips on how to do tail whips and other cool but non-useful tricks. But we do have a 'useful trail tricks' session with bunny hops, log hops, wheelies etc.
  • Advice on whether one brand is better than another when it comes to bikes and equipment. We remain neutral and unbiased.


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